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 Hofflan Skincare is absolutely amazing it goes on your skin so smooth and so soft, you have to try this and one try you will fall in love with it. Hofflan Skincare lip balm goes on so smooth and leaves your lips so soft and moisturized."


 As your new aunt, Morgan, and as Shay’s proud aunt, I wanted to love your new skin care line since I love you two! Voilà! I didn’t need to feign exuberance—it was and is real. You gifted out the lip balm at your recent baby shower, and now Hofflan lip balm is my lip go-to. My better half, Geo, has his tube bedside and shares when I’m too lazy to retrieve mine out of my purse. We love it! Our lips are softer and less cracked. Mine were worse than Geo’s, but even they healed after about four days of regular use. Now when I teach, I worry less about dry lip skin and just unpleasant, dry, cracked lips. Your balm is soft, creamy, and feels good going on. We love that it combines natural (and organic) ingredients and that it’s about as neutral as possible: There’s barely any scent or shine, making it genderless and share-able. After using your balm, I can’t think of one instance when I would ever go back to using a medicated one! I have a friend who pays $90 for her ceramide-based high-end lip moisturizer, and she still has chapped lips. I gave her your information.... And now I am very curious to try more of your products. Thank you!"

Kerry H. & Geo L.